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Welcome to my US Healy page. Together with my sister Leontien Schoordijk-Kenbeek, we have started our own Healy team in the USA! Leontien has been living in California with her husband, four kids, dog, and cat for over 15 years.








Healy frequencies to strengthen your immune system. Especially NOW.

Video in Dutch, but frequencies are universal. In the video demo with Healy Resonance.

All body cells have energy frequencies. When you have a headache, got hurt, or when you  are anxious, scared, or have any other physical, mental, or emotional discomfort, this all  changes the frequencies in your body. With Frequency therapy, you can ‘reset’ your body.

You simply attach 2 electrode cords to your body with wristbands or adhesive buttons and turn on a frequency program corresponding to your complaint or discomfort.

Bioresonance at home

Watch this Dutch video to learn what the Healy Balance frequencies do to me. Want to experience it yourself, simply hold your hand towards the screen.

So simple and so cool!

Healy is a small device. It measures just about 2”x2” (5×5 cm.) It communicates with an App on your Smartphone. That App can connect with over 144.000 frequencies.

When you are experiencing pain, turn on the pain-program. Healy communicates with your body and measures which frequencies YOU need at THIS moment. And Healy gives you these frequencies. When you use the same program the next day you will see you might need some other frequencies. And that’s what you’ll receive.

So it can happen that in 20 minutes you get rid of that nasty back pain or migraine, where it normally takes days for you to recover using a lot of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen.

Healy is a German product that has been on the US-market since May 2020. In Europe and Asia Healy exists since February 2019 in Network Marketing. Healy is the little sister of Timewaver, a bio-resonance device used by therapists.

In Europe, several Healy programs are medically certified. Besides these medically certified programs, Healy comes with a lot of other programs without medical certification. Which does not mean they don’t work 😉 

For example: 

Bioenergetic Balance for balance in organs

Meridians, Chakras

Protection programs

Mental Balance




Skin and Beauty


The top device, the Healy Resonance also comes with several homeopathic programs:

Bach flowers

Alaskan Gem Elixirs

Australian Bush Flowers


Materia Medica (homeopathic herbs)

Amino Acids, vitamins, and minerals

I Ching


In my environment, Healy is used by holistic doctors, dentists, masseurs, physiotherapists, people who work with animals, etc. I myself am a therapist too.

You can use your Healy for your whole family, your pets, and your clients.

Healy comes in 4 versions: Healy Gold, Healy Holistic Health, Healy Holistic Health Plus, and Healy Resonance.

Maybe you think Healy isn’t cheap. That’s what I think 😉 The Gold-device, the basic version costs $470 (excl tax). Somebody responded to me: ‘Reiki energy is for free’. But I can speak from my own experience that my Reiki training cost me just as much as a Healy Gold. I’m using both Healy and Reiki. Everyday.

The most complete version is the Healy Resonance. For $2,357 (excl tax) you can send energy frequencies without electrode cords. Including distant healing from the USA to the Netherlands? No problem with Healy frequencies! You can use the Healy Resonance for both people and animals. And even for plants or buildings. I know that might sound a bit abstract for some people, but everything has its own frequencies and Healy can exactly tell what they are. It’s such an amazing device.

There is an analysis tool on the Healy Resonance which tells you what programs you need. That’s very handy because it can be difficult to see your own underlying reasons causing your complaints. I mean: you have a headache. But why? Is it because you’re out of Mental Balance? Or is it Hormonal? Healy tells you.

The very special homeopathic programs like Bach Flowers tell you exactly which themes are present in your life. This can sometimes be quite confronting to read.

The Healy Resonance can make an Aura Analysis for you as well!


Is a Healy Resonance way above your budget, maybe you can start with one of the other versions and do an upgrade later. 

But keep the saying in my Healyteam in mind: In the end, you do want a Resonance 😉 ‘


What’s in your Healy box (Dutch video).

PS: No earclips in the USA because of legal reasons. Powersupply can be ordered separately, but most people use their regular mobile phone charger.


Healy can only be ordered using Network Marketing. My sister Leontien and I (Saskia) have a HealyTeam together. We’d like to welcome you in our team.

Become a Healy distributor.

Maybe you like to distribute Healy yourself. When someone buys a Healy, using your partner link, you’ll receive a commission. This way, you can earn (part of) your costs back in a quick way.

Important: Becoming a distributor is FREE the first year. Being a Healy distributor gives you access to the Healy Backoffice with a lot of instruction videos and manuals. You get your own partner link and a dashboard to manage your income.

After the first year the costs of being a distributor are 49 dollar or euro each year. You can always change your account from Healy World Member to customers when you don’t want to be part of the business part of Healy anymore.

However, you can also decide to sign up as a customer. 

In the overview you see the four Healy versions and which programs come with which device. Please send an email to saskia@timeforhealing.nl when you’re seriously interested in ordering a Healy from us but have some questions. And when you’re ready to order a Healy, please send me an email as well so I can explain how to best get through the ordering process. There are a few things you should know 😉

Like to order now? As I mentioned: my sister Leontien and I are into Healy together. You order with Leontiens partner link.   I will be available for questions and support. I’m a Healy Teamleader and a holistic therapist.

I order my healy right now


Do I always need to use the electrode cords? Does the microcurrent hurt? Again more wifi? Do I really need the most expensive Healy Resonance? 
These and other questions are answered by Saskia here.

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